June 10th-16th sees the Motorexpo making a stop in Canary Wharf. While we enjoyed our morning coffee at our local Brera, David had a front row seat watching the guys from the Great British Sports Car company putting the final polish on their Zero car. If you can wait three weeks plus have the time to visit the factory to walk through all your own specifications then you can be the owner of a Zero – oh yes and have 20,000 pounds to spare (and you don’t get a roof).

    I think I was a little more interested at our next stop when we found a number of cars parked in the foyer of one of the high rise buildings (yes a little strange I thought).  The convertible Bentley is one of Rebecca’s current favourite’s so lets hope she makes her fortune later in life so that she can own her dream car as the sticker price is roughly $250,000!

    Also in this foyer we found a bright orange Lotus and a rather strange coloured Mercedes SLS. Two Aston’s were undercover and while we thought they were DB9’s I have just read the website and discovered that they are unveiling the new Vanquish so we might need a return visit for David to drool a little more.

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