In September, David had a conference planned in Budapest so I decided to tag along (not knowing at that point that the day after this trip we would be flying to India on our next adventure). We departed from Heathrow terminal 3 and I cannot remember when I last used that terminal but it was a total nightmare. The line for security was wrapped around the building with very many angry people and just total disorganization.  Getting a bus out to a plane in England just seems too strange. The flight was also badly delayed and so we didn’t arrive at our Sofitel Hotel at Chain Bridge until after dark.

    The view from our hotel room was truly lovely at night, and did not disappoint in the light the next morning. The royal palace all lit up at night on the hill the Buda side of the Danube is just lovely. With our room overlooking the River Danube we could see the famous Chain Bridge, the first link between Buda and Pest opened in 1849 . Our hotel seemed a popular location for individuals departing on the Viking river cruises and I believe the advert featured on British tv showcases this area.

    With David in daylong meetings, I was free to explore the streets of Budapest with a colleagues wife who had also decided to make the trip into a sightseeing opportunity.  Walking around town is very easy although there are the regular tourist bus options and a good tram system if you want to cover more ground quickly.  We decided to just walk, armed with a map, our cameras and cash for frequent coffee breaks we were set. Luckily the rain held off for our trip and we were able to cover a lot of the popular tourist spots like the Opera house, Trinity Square and the Parliament building.

    We were told that Budapest is a lot like Prague, only on a bigger scale but as I have yet to visit that city I’m not sure if this is an accurate statement. There was a lot of construction going on around the Parliament building but generally the roads were easy to navigate on foot and all the locals we came across were extremely friendly. I would say the city had a ‘Soviet’ feel about it and would recommend a visit.

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