What a whirlwind trip to Chicago this was!  So glad I got the opportunity to check in with Becky though and see how well she is settling into her new city.  Arriving Thursday in the rain I was a little fearful as to how the weather would negatively impact my visit but we did not let the elements get in our way as we were determined shoppers.

    Becky’s request was to eat ‘normal’ food while I was in town and to go to the parts of Michigan Avenue that she normally avoids when not having access to dads credit cards were achieved I think. We did walk quite a bit but we indulged in some lovely food, although not Chicago pizza on this trip.

    On Saturday we headed to Target to stock her cupboards, fridge and freezer with supplies then had lunch at one of the restaurants close by the dorms.

    We thought we had time to visit the SkyDeck at the Willis Tower but once we walked the short walk to the building the numbers of tourists was a little off putting. So instead we walked over to Millenium Park and took the typical touristy photos by the Bean actually this is really called Cloud Gate (I learn something every time I do a little research for my blog).

    The temperatures were steadily improving on Saturday and it was actually perfect sightseeing weather. The trees were a lovely shade and my iPhone photo really do not do them justice.

    Now Im in the British Airways lounge waiting to board my flight back to London to meet up with David, who is flying into London from Mumbai at the same time. In theory our flights arrive within 5 minutes of each other so lets see how that works.  We are only in London until Wednesday but we have tickets to the O2 on Tuesday for the Masters Tennis Yearend Tournament so I’m very excited about that outing. More to come on my blog no doubt!

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