I cannot even begin to imagine how the tennis players can survive this heat as I am finding it difficult enough walking into the arena to take my seat in the shade and watch them! Yesterday when we arrived at Hisense to begin our mega day of tennis at 10.30am they announced that it was already 96 degrees in the shade and that a heat advisory might come into play!


    But to recap – Monday night we delved back into our Lonely Planets guide and found the Japanese restaurant Kenzan, coincidently down the same street as Cumulus Inc, After looking a little bafeled at the menu we were advised to select the deluxe sushi meal and were treated to numerous dishes that looked very pretty and were very tasty (photos below)  Choosing a wine was much easier as we are trying to sample the local Australian ones on offer and David again found a very tasty Pinot that we would recommend.


    Tuesday morning we awoke nice and early as we kept the drapes open this time to help wake us up and headed for a run down along the riverbank. As we were much earlier than Monday, around 7am, we did not have to weave in and out of the tennis fans heading to the arena however there were many many more runners and bikers on the route today. When you think about Australia, do you think about the hat with the corks dangling on them? Well we now know why, there are so many bugs that come straight at you and when running they do tend to head directly into your  mouth! Enough shared.


    With the earlier start to our day the breakfast buffet at our hotel was still going strong so we decided to enjoy a tasty egg white omelet and some real english breakfast tea. Half way through breakfast an American lady sat at the next table from us and her voice seemed very familiar so I looked up and saw Tracy Austin. She was so tiny but without her tv makeup she looked quite different. Always fun to celebrity spot!


    With a cup of espresso from the local Commune Cafe that is located next to our hotel and is always buzzing with a long line (so we figured it must be good, and it was) we began the relatively short mile walk to the arena. At 7am we did a five mile run without too much trouble as there is a lovely breeze down by the water but by 10am it was starting to feel a little too toasty for me and by the time we reached the arena we were desperate to get into some air conditioning to attempt to dry off. With the intense heat comes an ecclectic fashion mix here, not sure how to describe it so will have to try and get some photos.


    First match up was Caroline Wozniacki who was clearly finding the heat troubling as she would put on an ice vest between points, pour water down her back and wrap wet towels over herself that were put into the ice bucket when she was on court,  David spotted the huge diamond rock on her engagement finger and sure enough the commentator asked her about that at the post match interview. Next up was Jo Wilfred Tsonga and he unfortunately brought out the screamers and singers in the audience. Im not sure if they do it to get on tv or if they think the players like it but one group did actually have quite good voices so maybe it was a chance for them to audition. Tsonga didn’t seem that bothered by the heat and won his match quite easily in three straight.


    We headed for a beer after this match which probably didn’t help with our hydration problems but when we returned Radwanska had ravaged her opponent and won the first set 6-0 However it all turned around and she lost the second set and needed a third to get her win. Time for an ice cream before Murray came on court and thankfully the temperatures seemed a little better as the court was now totally in the shade. Murray looked amazing, the muscle definition on his back was crazy and he looked taller and leaner in person. He was regal on the court and looked in a different league to his opponent.  He didn’t throw any tantrums but he does talk to himself quite a bit. Lendl was as stoic as usual in the stand just a few seats from us and Murray’s biggest fan, his mum, was also in attendance.


    Our walk back to the hotel was slow and there was no gym or dinner out for us last night just beer and room service to nurse my swollen feet (a sign of dehydration that Im sure the beer helped with) More great tennis ahead today and Im procrastinating on my run this morning by doing my tardy Blog

    Another wine recommendation


    Our ‘prety’ dinner at Kenzan


    Our daily selfie
    Wozniacki putting on her ice vest and with the iced towel around her neck
    Tsonga in full flow
    An airborne Radwanska

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