After a very late Friday night/Saturday morning end to our day we enjoyed a lazy’ish Saturday morning. The hotel breakfast buffet was noticeably busier today, a sign of things to come today, but still had a delicious selection of foods on offer. After a few emails (for David) and a blog update for me, David hit the gym and I sorted through our packing in readiness for our departure Sunday morning.


    We arrived at Hisense stadium as Radwanska lost her first set and was being schooled by her much lower seeded opponent, Ana Pavlyuchenkova. The second set was going the same way until Ana needed a medical time out. We are not sure what was the matter but she was noticeably pale and seemed to loose her strength and duly lost the second set.  After a longer bathroom break between second and third sets she reemerged and tried her best to regain her form but she just didn’t have it in her unfortunately.


    Next up was Andy Murray against Feliciano Lopez and I’m sure they were very appreciative of the much cooler temperatures. In fact, the weather has changed so much today that we needed to buy a sweater as our T-shirts were just not enough warmth today. Lopez put up a valiant fight at first but Murray’s superior game just over powered him.


    Maybe its the dip in temperatures or just because its the weekend but the tennis park is so much busier and the infrastructure does not seem to be equipped to cope with the increase in numbers. The lines for food, bathrooms, or just to get in and out of the stadium were insane. There is an outside plaza that has live bands and it seems that some people come to the park for that rather than the tennis, plus the beer tent of course.


    The first game of the evening session was Tsonga against Simon but after Tsonga won the first set tie break we decided to leave Hisense and enjoy our final night in Melbourne with a lovely meal and bottle of Australian pinot. Unfortunately the crowds were everywhere so we decided to enjoy our hotel room, tv with the tennis, and room service!


    We have had the best time at the tennis, our seats have been fantastic and we have met some lovely people but I think we are both really ready to leave tomorrow morning and sink our feet into the sand for a few days R&R in Cairns in northern Australia and hopefully escape the crowds.

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