I arrived back in Mumbai yesterday and so now have a reliable internet and time on my hands to update my blog and get myself into some kind of organized life here. Having unpacked numerous cases, and attempted to make a hotel suite into a home for David and I for the next few months, its time for some fun i.e. my blog and then my craft corner (more to come on that later).
    The ‘high street’


    My last entry here was back on my birthday, 19th January, when we left the wonderful tennis and Melbourne to fly three and a half hours and one hour time change to Cairns in northern Australia. I must admit to not really knowing that much about Cairns before our trip, other than it was the launching place to visit the Great Barrier Reef.


    After the hustle and bustle of Melbourne and the tennis the sleepy seaside town of Palm Cove in Cairns was very welcoming. David had found a lovely resort, Angsana, and our huge condo, Suite No 1, was a perfect location and came complete with a bottle of pink champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries to continue my birthday celebrations.

    The only safe swimming area


    The beachside town has a picturesque row of shops, restaurants, hotels and spas with the backdrop of a tropical rainforest. We soon discovered that if we ran along the path directly outside our room to where it ended at the pier, twice, it was a 5K. However, that was not sufficient punishment for David who decided beach running was the real way to get his exercise. Needless to say, I did not share this view and was quite happy to walk the expanse of beach.

    The ‘moat’


    While walking the beach was wonderfully peaceful, as there was hardly anyone else around, I was very mindful of the two warnings we had been given upon arrival – namely – don’t go in the water due to the killer stingers and look out for crocodiles! It didn’t help that we needed to get across a moat that linked the sea and the ravine and depending on the tide it was one semi dry jump or a hop, skip and a jump through the water while praying no crocs were hungry!


    The signs warning about the killer stingers were everywhere and so the only safe place to enter the water was in the sectioned off areas that had their very own lifeguard.

    The end of our run, the pier


    The four days we spent in Cairns were probably our healthiest as we enjoyed our walks/runs, some amazing super sized shrimp at our hotel restaurant, and organic coffee with freshly made sourdough bread and homemade jams for breakfast.


    The town certainly had a very laid back attitude and thus a perfect place to unwind sandwiched in-between our stays in Melbourne and Sydney.

    Lunch by the beach


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