My trips to New York are becoming quite a regular occurrence. The main reason being that my daughter Amy is currently based there. but also there is a direct flight from Mumbai to Newark airport.  New York city is a great place to stop after a 16 hour flight before heading to Chicago to see Rebecca and then Houston to see Charlotte.


    As I get set to embark on another US visit I began to look back on a few photos from previous NY trips and it reminded me of the abundance of food choices on offer in this 24 hour city.  Although Amy, Liz, Carl and I have set the tradition of dinner at Empanada Mamas on my first night in the city, I am also open to suggestions from other friends. A girlfriend who also visits this city regularly suggested Shake Shack


    Restaurant review shake shack new york


    I am not a huge burger fan, and Amy is a vegetarian, but we decided to give this one a whirl when Rebecca and I visited on a very cold day in January 2013. A tip we were given is to go early as it gets very busy. Yes, we can vouch for that and to be honest if the line outside the door and around corner in the freezing weather that was evident when we left had been there when we arrived, I don’t think we would have stopped.


    Tip: it gets VERY busy so get there early

    Once inside the disney-like snaking line to the counter gives you a little time to work out what you would like to order from the extensive menu. We had been advised that the milkshakes were a must try, and even on this sub zero day Amy and Rebecca gave into temptation and enjoyed one of their $5 hand-spun shakes. Amy also had a ‘Shroom burger (vegetarian option) at $6.85 with a side of cheese fries at $3.85 (they forgot the cheese first time around). Becky and I tucked into a single cheese smoke shack at $6.25 which was quite large and were therefore thankful we had not gone for the double smoke shake option.


    Restaurant review shake shack new york


    Once you order you try and find a seat (that can be challenging) there are a few booths plus long tables with benches to accommodate the crowds and the turnover is quite speedy. One thing I noticed is that NY is vey dog friendly. On the menu at this location was a section entitled Woof that offered a Pooch-ini at $3.85 – a ShackBurger dog biscuit with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard or a Bag O’Bones at $7.50 a bag of 5 ShackBurger dog biscuits by Bocce’s Bakery.


    If you are planning to visit NY then checkout this company’s website as it is very informative complete with interactive maps of locations and public transportation routes.


    The Fact Sheet

    Location: 691 8th Avenue (Theatre District)

    Opening Hours: 11am-Midnight daily

    Menu: Burgers, Flat top dogs, Shakes, Beer & Wine on offer

    Other US locations: 6 in NY but also in Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts

    International Locations: London Covent Garden, Russia, Turkey and 14 locations in the Middle East
    Shake Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Happy Dining

    Restaurant review shake shack new york

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