I hadn’t been in Mumbai very long before I started to hear about Good Earth. I guess I would describe it as one of those lifestyle shops, you know the kind, where you can buy everything from a teapot to a bed cover. Visiting a friends house I remarked how pretty her mugs were (pause to pick myself up off the floor laughing). That didn’t quite come out right, sorry. What I mean is, the patterns and designs are very eye-catching.


    Good Earth Mugs

    Good Earth has three locations in Mumbai; Lower Parel, Colaba, and Juhu. Until recently I had only visited their Juhu shop and so did not realize what an extensive range of goods they stock as the Juhu store is quite tiny. Entering the store you immediately wind up a steep flight of stairs to the showroom and are hit by a beautiful sea of color and glorious smells, probably emanating from the stores own incense sticks and spa products.


    Good Earth is a trend setting design company with an Indian contemporarGood Earth Glassesy style. The stylish and exclusively designed products offer numerous design and coordinating color options. So far I have purchased a set of beautifully decorated glasses, similar to the ones in this photo. I have also purchased some of their essential oils to burn in a fumier (possibly a sign that their subliminal marketing is working).


    This week, however, I discovered that there is far more to Good Earth. Their store in Lower Parel is huge, with a large showroom of furniture and another floor with their crockery and glassware etc. While I feel the prices are a little steep, the designs are simply gorgeous and I saw far too many things that I know would work so well in Houston and/or London without seeming ‘too ethnic’. The display of colorful cushions was particularly striking and would add a great splash of color to any room. The candles and covered journals would make excellent hostess gifts. The linens and napkins were displayed on various table settings and coordinate beautifully with the dinnerware offered Good Earth Furnitureat the store.  I was lucky that I was running out of time or I might have been tempted to splurge.


    I also discovered that the Lower Parel location houses The Tasting Room restaurant, but I will expand on that in a future blog 🙂


    Location: Website click here

    Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm, 7 days a week

    E Gift Cards available and wedding registry


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