Our brief visit to the Met Museum  was made all the easier thanks to Liz being a regular visitor at this venue. The daily entrance fee of $25 per adult seemed a little steep as we were only planning on a short stay, but thankfully Liz pointed out the small print that said actually this is a recommended donation. It did appear that those in the know entered without paying anything while the tourists took the signage at face value and paid the full amount. I kind of feel this takes advantage of the tourists, what do you think? We duly made our donation, got our sticker, and moved forward with the crowds.

    NY Met Museum 1

    On this beautifully sunny day in NY the steps of the entrance were turned into a huge picnic area helped by the many food trucks that had congregated along the road. We probably would have sampled a few as the smells were very enticing but we had only just finished a huge bowl of deliciousness at Serendipity3

    Our main reason for going to the Met on this sunny day was to visit the roof top garden area and we were not alone in this thought process.  Once we finally made our way through the crowds to the roof we were greeted by a busy bar area and plenty of astro turf where many people were enjoying the sunshine with drinks and food.

    NY Met Museum 2

    The views from the rooftop were spectacular as you look over central park to the tall buildings of Manhattan. So much greenery in such an urban setting is always so striking. The clear blue sky was quite a pleasant site after months of looking at the hazy skyline of Mumbai on most days. I’m sure NY is quite polluted, but its all relative.


    Up on the roof is a curved reflecting glass wall that allows you to take some arty photos of the skyline and of each other. This reminded me of Cloud Gate better known as The Bean in Chicago that reflects the surrounding area.


    As with our recent visit to the public library in NY, you could loose yourself for many hours in this museum. There are so many exhibitions and events scheduled that I would suggest you visit the website to plan out an itinerary if you ever venture to this museum.


    Location: 1000 Fifth Avenue (Upper East Side)

    Hours: Sun-Thurs 10am-5.30pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm

    Fee: Adults $25, Seniors $17, Students $12 (recommended donations)

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