As I have been neglecting my blog for the last few months,  I thought I would set myself a challenge to blog everyday through to the end of the year. Some days it might just be a photo, but at least this should get me back into the game of recording my crazy life.  So to begin today; I am currently in London and after dropping David off at St James for a meeting I took to the London streets and snapped a few of the sights along my journey.


    After walking from about halfway down The Mall, I turned into Trafalgar Square and was greeted by the familiar sight of Nelsons Column. I still find it a little strange that the pigeons that were so synonymous with this area are no longer gathering to be fed by the passers by, but must admit that it does make the area much cleaner. The square was surprisingly quiet at around 8.30am this Monday morning.

    National Gallery

    David and I recently watched the Tom Cruise groundhog style movie where he landed a helicopter in the square and I was a little surprised to discover that you can actually book Trafalgar Square for your own event!

    Standing on the former site of the Kings Mews, just behind Trafalgar Square, is the National Gallery. Opened in 1838, The National Gallery  is home to over 2,300 masterpieces and its free entry ensures that anyone can wander the impressive building and marvel at the various works of art on display.

    Apple Store Covent Garden

    Passing by St Martins in the Fields, the church made famous by Mary Poppins, I turned onto the Strand and saw Charing Cross Station where I spent many years of my commuter life rushing to get trains in and out of the suburbs.

    A short walk along the Strand and then a left turn takes you to Covent Garden. Usually a hive of activity, it was a little subdued on this visit, with the market traders setting up their stalls and not a street entertainer in sight it seemed like the calm before the storm.

    I snapped a photo of the Apple store for Amy on my way past.

    Leicester Square M&M

    By now the thought of coffee seemed like a good idea so I decided to head to my favorite Cafe Nero’s to rendezvous with David. This part of my journey took me through Leicester Square where I passed by Rebecca’s favorite M&M store and then onto Piccadilly Circus to snap Eros standing tall with the backdrop of the neon sights that light up the sky at night, a kind of mini Times Square.

    I love all the walking that I can do when I visit London and today’s weather was just perfect. Tomorrow we are heading north to Lincoln so I will get to share some quite different scenery.

    Piccadilly Circus

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