I love the first day of a new year, full of promise for what is to come with endless possibilities. Looking at my calendar today I know for sure that my time will be divided between Houston, London and Mumbai for the coming 6-12 months at least. David is itching to get some vacation time booked as his schedule is going to be even crazier in the coming months as he attempts to juggle his demanding job in Mumbai with more time in Houston and London.

    Becky Big Bend

    But where to go? Last year was an amazing travel year with a lifetime dream achieved of visiting Australia and this year I know I will be watching the Australian Open Tennis tournament on television remembering our fantastic adventure last January. Our trips to the Maldives and Mauritius were so relaxing in the most luxurious way possible that I’m a little worried they would be hard to duplicate. We didn’t really get the opportunity to explore any other European cities and other than the usual favorites of Chicago and New York, our US time was spent in our Houston home base.


    I hope that David and I will get the opportunity to see more of India this year, the Taj Mahal is too tempting to ignore for much longer especially when I see friends photos from their visits. Going further east is also tempting, I think Thailand would be a fascinating country to explore. Rebecca has just returned from a brief trip to Big Bend National Park and thinks we should visit a few of these national treasures. So many possibilities….


    Time to visit the Expedia site I think! Wherever your travels take you stay safe, enjoy the experience, and please share your adventures.

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