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    A girlfriend recently told me about a book she was hearing a lot of buzz about, evidently it’s being called the new Gone Girl. If that wasn’t intriguing enough, there were also two other positives for me; the book is set in the UK, and although it was first published in 2013, it is now topping the NY Times Bestseller list, pretty impressive for a first-time author.


    The story is narrated by the three central female characters, Rachel, Megan and Anna.  As the thriller unfolds and you start to understand the issues going on in each narrators life, you begin to question how accurate the observations expressed really are.


    You soon discover that the books central character,  Rachel, is a bitter divorcee and now a struggling alcoholic who despite being unemployed continues to ride the train everyday to a job she no longer has. When her train pauses at the same signal stop her fantasy extends to inventing lives for the people in the houses alongside the train track. People with happy lives, a pretty wife and handsome husband that are clearly very much in love and so how she wishes she could be. Somewhat ironically, this couple lives a few houses down from the home she used to share with her ex husband who now lives there with his new wife, Anna, the evil mistress that caused the ruination of Rachel’s marriage.


    As Rachel’s downward spiral intensifies her morning commute becomes even more bizarre when she witnesses something that is so shocking she feels a strong urge to do something. Taking her information to the police does not satisfy Rachel and through some poor choices she becomes embroiled in the drama unfolding on her old street.


    As each chapter passes you learn more about the three ladies, their history, their faulty decision making abilities, and their somewhat unrealistic hopes for their future. For me the book got better as the chapters unfolded and when I hit the 80% mark (love my Kindle for telling me how much there is to read) I could not put the book down as I had to find out ‘who did it’.  I feel a sign of a great thriller is when all the pieces start to come together and yet you are still surprised by the ending. Very much enjoyed this book and feel it would be an excellent selection for a book club as there are plenty of topics for discussion.


    Happy reading!


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