I’m back in Mumbai for a couple of weeks and once again ‘home’ at the Taj Lands End Hotel. Having been out of India for the last 10 weeks, I am quite enthusiastic to reconnect with some friends and once again explore this crazy city. My first day back did not disappoint.  Landing in Mumbai at just gone midnight we joined the other departing passengers in the frenetic race to get through customs, claim our bags, and find our driver.


    Once back at the hotel at around 1.30am our body clock told us that it was only early evening so rather than attempt to sleep (after the inactivity of a 10 hour flight that doesn’t work too well) we hit the gym, which not surprisingly was empty. This strategy worked well as by 3am our Fitbit steps for the day were already completed, we had showered, and were ready for sleep. Sadly, by 7am we were awake and very hungry. We find it takes a few days to regulate our body clocks with regard to sleeping and eating habits but I think we are getting better the more we do this journey.


    After my gastronomic splurge in London over the last few days I am approaching my trip to Mumbai a little differently.  It certainly helps that David has just booked our first vacation of the year and so the bikini countdown has begun. Sadly I forgot to give this memo to the Butlers on the 21st floor as upon our arrival for breakfast we are pretty sure they rushed to order our regular order (omelets and toast) when actually we have decided that a poached egg has less calories.


    As David’s first meetings were not until late morning we returned to the gym (I know crazy right). Once David was off to work for the day I met up with a girlfriend at Sanchos, a local Mexican restaurant, to catch up with 10 weeks worth of news. After making very careful food choices we both decided to forgo any calorific liquid refreshment and instead increased our water intake (another tick for my healthier lifestyle to do list) and then a little Masala Chai Tea at a cute tea house in Bandra that was all of 90p ($1.40) a cup and that included a biscotti (which we did not eat).


    I find that with jet lag, as soon as you give into the tiredness you are done, if you can keep going then all seems well. So, instead of crashing early, we met up with a couple of work colleagues and enjoyed a lovely dinner at Maritime by San Lorenzo, the Italian restaurant at the Taj that took us through to around 11.30pm when we were very ready to get a little more sleep.


    I seem to have so much more time to blog while in Mumbai and already have two restaurant reviews to share soon.


    Healthy living to you all 🙂

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