This book popped up on one of my suggested reading lists after I finished The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Evidently it is an up and comer, particularly suited to book clubs. Published in January 2015 this is Andie Mitchell’s debut into the literary world although she does write a blog  The idea of a story written by a food blogger appealed (I’m working on revamping my own blog) and any story about successful weight loss can be inspirational (I was going through my juice detox at the time so I guess my mind was working that way).


    At the age of 20, Andie Mitchell stepped on the scales to discover that she had hit the 300 pound mark. Even at 5 foot 9 inches tall that is physically an unhealthy weight let alone the mental anguish that accompanied that number. In the following 13 months she made sensible changes (no fad quick fix diet for Andie) and lost 135 pounds and has kept the weight off (mostly) for years now – truly impressive. Here blog does document her ongoing battle to keep the weight off, again, something that many of us can relate to I’m sure.


    Andie recounts the story of her dysfunctional childhood that played a large part in her lack of self esteem and her love of food.  Clearly as she is now a food blogger she has found a way to make peace with food and avoid the binge eating she once did on a near daily basis. At times the book was quite difficult to read but saved by the stories she tells of the special relationship that developed between Andie and her mother. While I did want to scream at Andie to be kinder to her mother at times, the bond between the two is undeniable and perhaps as a mother to three daughters myself I understand how you only want the best for your child, even if you don’t always go the best way about showing that. The book is dedicated to her mother, a fact that some other reviewers might have missed as Andie seems to come in for some major criticism for her lack of sensitivity of how the family dynamics impacted her mother.


    This book is a very honest and raw memoir of Andie’s life to date (she is only in her 20’s now). I can understand how it would be good for a book club because it just begs to be discussed. Purchase a copy via my affiliate link with Amazon by clicking here (this will not cost you anything additional).


    Happy reading!

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