As a frequent flyer I really put my luggage through its paces. Over the years I have used numerous cases, from the super cheap (usually bought as a last minute panic purchase at somewhere like Walmart), to the high end ‘designer’ brands like Tumi. It might not surprise you to learn that hands down the high-end cases have worked so much better, and are still going strong today. But let me explain exactly why it is so worth ignoring the sticker shock and investing in quality travel luggage.


    5 reasons why quality luggage is worth the investment



    Quality and lightweight materials


    The designers at Tumi have spent many years researching the best materials to use to make their products. Tumi initially became a market leader in this arena due to their innovative introduction of “a soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bag”. But as technology, airline luggage restrictions, and travellers needs changed, so Tumi developed and enhanced their products.


    The latest generation of Tumi luggage, the Tegra-Lite, is positioned as the most durable product on the market. Tegris© is a ‘revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material created by Millken for use in lifesaving armour, Nascar race cars, and protective gear for NFL players’.


    More reasons to love this product:


    • The lightweight materials used will save you money in the long run by avoiding those pesky excess-weight charges the airlines love to tag on these days.
    • The lightweight carryon bags will save your back when you lift the bag into the overhead bin.
    • The quality design will mean your bag will last longer and will bear the abuse by the luggage handlers without falling apart.
    • The luggage will make a stylish statement when it appears on the baggage conveyor belt, setting itself apart from the hundreds of generic black bags with pieces of torn ribbon hanging off the side.


    5 reasons why quality luggage is worth the investment

    Designed with the traveller in mind


    In addition to the quality and design of the materials used, Tumi has a wealth of extra features that will make your travelling days easier, and certainly more organized. How many times have your wheels failed on your luggage? When you try and pull your suitcase over an uneven surface and the wheels lock, or worse still your case doesn’t even have wheels and you have to carry it! (horror). The new ‘spinner’ type wheels, with four larger sized casters rather than two, make maneuvering your luggage from A to B so much easier. The new style double turning wheels offer effortless 360 degree mobility.


    Another problem area is often the luggage handle. I have had handles break off, or get stuck and not want to come out of their hideaway compartment. Tumi have a patented handle tube system that will protect the telescopic handle during transit. The aircraft-grade aluminum forms a protective, impact absorbing structure that virtually eliminates damage, with the added bonus of reducing the overall weight of the case.


    More reasons to love this product:


    • The removable garment sleeve and hanger bracket that is perfect for keeping suits in place during transit
    • Zipped packing compartments that prevent clothes tumbling out when the case is opened (or is inspected by the TSA agents).
    • An external front pocket that is ideal for putting your magazine or documents in at the last minute.
    • Baggage handlers have admitted they treat the spinner bags better. Read this Huffington Post article to discover why.


    5 reasons why quality luggage is worth the investment


    Ingenious built in features


    Tumi has a couple of really cool features that show their understanding of the ongoing changes in the travel industry. The new Tegra-lite bags include their patented Omega style zipper closure system complete with TSA lock. TSA agents are able to unlock the bag with their special keys, but other unwanted prying eyes are shut out.


    Tumi’s Omega style zip closure system has been designed to dramatically reduce the risk of damage to the zipper, making any potential damages far cheaper and easier to fix. Should the zipper get caught in anything during transit the zip pull is designed to break away from the bag rather than the entire zip breaking.


    Have you ever lost your bag in transit? As over 3 million bags are lost or misplaced each year, chances are if you haven’t yet, you will someday! Tumi introduced a complimentary Tracer© product recovery program to help reunite its customers with their luggage. Each piece of Tumi luggage has a tag with a unique 20 digit number that can be registered via the Tumi website. Should the bag need to be reunited with its rightful owner, Tumi can match the 20-digit number with the owners’ information.


    More reasons to love this product:


    • Tumi offers a great after sales customer service, available to answer any questions, or assist with additional purchases.
    • If the Tumi gets damaged then it can usually be repaired rather than needing to throw out the entire bag and buy a new one.
    • The patented add-a-bag system that provides a hook with a secure fastened tab closure that can carry over 200 pounds.



    5 reasons why quality luggage is worth the investment

    Warranty, repair, and refurbishment options


    Tumi offers a 5-year limited warranty on their entire range of luggage. With a few limited exceptions, Tumi will make your first year of ownership worry free. Any damage to your Tumi luggage will be repaired with no out of pocket expense to the owner. From years 2-5 owners are covered for manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear.


    A Tumi suitcase is designed to last well past the five year mark so should yours need a little TLC, then contact the customer service department to find out more information about refurbishment options.


    Tumi demonstrate that they stand behind their product and as such have gained many loyal customers who return to make additional purchase as and when their needs change.


    5 reasons why quality luggage is worth the investment

    Style and substance combined


    There is no denying that Tumi bags are stylish and stand out from the many generic bags that tumble down the baggage conveyor belt. There are now vibrant colors to choose from with distinctive designs. Bag collections come in a variety of sizes so that you can create matching sets. Many of the bags can be monogramed for additional style points.


    I love that I can maneuver my carry on bag down the center isle of the plane easily with one hand as its spinner wheels float along the carpet. The lightweight material gives me additional flexibility to overpack (and who doesn’t?) without fear of incurring additional baggage handling charges. I feel that Tumi really have combined style and substance beautifully.


    5 reasons why quality luggage is worth the investment



    Have I tempted you to purchase a Tumi?


    • Register online with Tumi and be the first to know when they are having a sale as this can be an excellent way to purchase a Tumi product.
    • Alternatively check on the Amazon site for special deals.
    • Tumi have outlet stores that stock discontinued lines at reduced prices.


    Do you have a favorite bag? I hope that by reading my 5 reasons why quality luggage is worth the investment you will now consider making a purchase. I would love to hear your thoughts so please share in the comments below.


    Happy travels.

    5 reasons why quality luggage is worth the investment


      • Shann Eva says:

        This looks like some terrific luggage. I’ve learned that cheap luggage really doesn’t save you money if all your stuff gets ruined in the process. I’ll be checking out the website and Amazon too. Thanks!

        • Sue says:

          I agree, I have also learned my lesson about buying the cheaper versions as you do seem to get what you pay for. Happy travels.

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