Activities in the Maldives

    (in case you thought you could be bored)


    So we all know (or have read) that the Maldives is THE most romantic place for a Honeymoon or a romantic get away with someone special. But really is there anything to keep you busy (other than cough cough)? Most certainly yes, that’s the beauty of this location. You decide exactly how you want to spend your time, and there truly is something for everyone. Still not sure? Let me list out over 30 activities on offer at the fabulous Constance Moofushi Resort.


    30 ways you won't be bored in the Maldives


    Water lovers (who like to get wet)

    • Snorkeling including sunset snorkeling and Mantra Ray snorkeling
    • Scuba Diving
      • Various Padi courses available including Rescue Diver, and Dive Master
      • Emergency First Response course (First aid course)
    • Windsurfing (lessons available)
    • Pedalo
    • Kayaks
    • Canoes
    • Paddleboard
    • Catamaran
    • Swimming – either in the crystal clear waters that surround the island or in the hotel pool
    • Underwater photo shoot (either hire the equipment and do it yourself or bring a photographer on your adventure)


    30 ways you won't be bored in the Maldives


    Water lovers (who prefer to stay dry)

    • Fishing tour including big game fishing
    • Dolphin adventure
    • Whale watching (in season)
    • Glass bottom boat tour
    • Sunset cruise with bubbles and canapés
    • Stargazing cruise
    • Take a boat ride to a neighboring island to see the villagers daily life
    • Lunch on a deserted island – kind of like a luxury Robinson Crusoe excursion


    30 ways you won't be bored in the Maldives


    Dry land lovers

    • Watch the sunset from your private beach with bubbles and chefs canapés to munch on while you watch one of the many beautiful Maldivian sunsets
    • Attend a cocktail class at the Manta Bar
    • Enjoy a ‘back of house tour’ to learn more about what happens behind the scenes
    • Coconut show (sounds fun don’t you think?)
    • Watch a Boduberu show, traditional Maldivian dance
    • Enjoy a relaxing treatment at the spa in private huts over the water
    • Library, complete with pool table and chess board
    • Foodies – you will love the elaborate selection at each mealtime
    • Wine vault with 20,000+ bottles of wine


    30 ways you won't be bored in the Maldives


    Activity lovers

    • Visit the well-equipped gym with various cardio and weights machines.
    • Yoga lessons twice a day at the outside pavilion
    • Table tennis
    • Boche ball
    • Beach volleyball
    • Outdoor oversized chess set (under this section as it was exercise moving the pieces around)


    Still think you would be bored? If my 30 ways you won’t be bored in the Maldives sounds a little too energetic, then check back soon as I will be sharing some of the more relaxing aspects of this magical resort. Please follow me on Instagram for a pictorial journey.


    The Fact Sheet

    Location: Constance Moofushi, Maldives

    Website: www.moofushiresort.com


    Happy travels

    30 ways you won't be bored in the Maldives




      • Wendie says:

        Uh…I venture to guess I wouldn’t be bored there. No activities necessary. Just a cold drink and a bikini and I will be set!

        • Sue says:

          Im surprised at how many friends keep saying how boring they think it would be – we think its paradise, but I hope this post lets others know that there is plenty to keep you busy (if thats what you want)

      • Serena says:

        I’d love to visit the Maldives, it looks so stunning.

      • Madelaine says:

        My stylish travel/fashion blog is called Jetset-diaries.com and Maldives have crossed my mind once or twice before (ha) and honestly, boredom has been my concern. I can only enjoy being waterlogged for so much you know. Now, I am reconsidering.

        • Sue says:

          Glad to have enlightened you a little but you are certainly not alone with this concern. I absolutely love it here so am probably a little biased but you could get some great shots for your blog from such an amazing destination

      • Lindsay says:

        When I saw your post headline, my first thought was, “how could ANYONE possibly be bored or looking for things to do in the Maldives. I’ve never been but it is in my bucket list and hopefully I’ll get there someday before it sinks and disappears into the ocean forever. My hubby and I scuba, so naturally, we have to go there someday.

        If you ever need a travel companion…. 😉

        • Sue says:

          Interesting you say about sinking as in the last six months this island has lost part of its beach. Research suggests its only got another 50 years sadly. I was a little surprised at friends comments about being bored, but they did fuel a blog post so its all good

      • Keating says:

        The Maldives look absolutely gorgeous. It’s high on my travel bucket list. I’d love an island getaway.

      • Jessica says:

        HA! I love this and have no added the Maldives to my bucket list.

      • Wow it’s amazing… I wish to go there some day! Thanks for the tips.

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