Flight: Mumbai, Maharashtra to Udaipur, Rajasthan on a Boeing 737-800


    My husband and I recently enjoyed a very enjoyable and picturesque 4-day break in the city of Udaipur, in Rajasthan, India. As we are currently living in Mumbai the speedy 1 hour 20 minute flight made this a quick and easy short break for us. While doing the research for this vacation we found that there are a few airlines that fly between Mumbai and Udaipur. After looking at the schedule of flight times we decided to give Jet Airways our business. This was our first experience with Jet Airways. Here is my airline review for Jet Airways, Premiere Class.


    Airline Review: Jet Airways
    Pretty empty check-in counters at Premier desk area.

    Airline Review: Jet Airways – Check In


    Flights start very early in the morning both in and out of Mumbai. A 5.10am flight departure time meant leaving our apartment at 3am as the roads in Mumbai can be busy at all times of the day. We were very happy to arrive at the airport and find the Jet Airways check in counter empty.  Depositing our bags and picking up our boarding pass took all of 10 minutes. As with SriLanken Airlines, there are counters for Economy, and for passengers just checking bags, and for Jet Airways business class passengers, referred to as Premiere Class.


    Airport lounge mumbai
    It’s not just the passengers that looked a little tired in the business lounge.

    Airline Review: Jet Airways – The Lounge


    This journey began from the Mumbai Domestic airport that has sadly seen better day, especially in comparison to the glossy international airport right next door. The good news is there is a business lounge. But the bad news is that after going through the security checks and climbing the few stairs up to the business lounge, we are not too sure it is really worth the effort and quite different from our favorite lounge in Heathrow. There were quite a few people asleep, taking up 2 or 3 seats each. There did not appear to be any food on offer, but we did notice a few people munching on their own supplies. It did seem that  food was about to be put out as we left around 4.30am. Not one of the best lounges, but for a domestic flight you hopefully wont need to stay in this area for too long.


    Seats on Jet Airways
    Premier cabin on the 737-800

    Airline Review: Jet Airways – The Plane


    • Mumbai to Udaipur
    • Jet Airways 9W 2093
    • Boeing 737-800
    • Depart 5.10am Arrive 6.35am
    • Seats 1D & F
    • Scheduled flight time 1 hour 25 minutes


    This flight did not have a gangway entrance so all passengers were bused to the airplane. There was no delineation between business and economy class passengers, more of a free-for-all really. The 737 had the usual set up of 12 business class seats arranged in a 2 by 2 format over 3 rows. The seats had a cushion, but no blanket. We were fortunate to have booked row 1 so we had plenty of leg room. The seats did the standard minimal recline, but for such a short flight you really do not need that much.


    Airline Review: Jet Airways
    Colorful menu with St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow on the cover.

    Airline Review: Jet Airways
    Indian Dosa Breakfast

    Airline Review: Jet Airways – The Food


    As soon as we boarded we were offered water or a fruit smoothie served in a real glass. Even though it was a very quick flight, a menu was distributed with a breakfast selection. I enjoyed the rather grand sounding Mysore Rawa Masala Dosa: Vermicelli Upma – to translate, that is a pan griddled crisp semolina pancake suffused with spiced potatoes. Savory vermicelli and vegetables tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Served with sambar and chutney. A little spicy, but I think my taste buds have adapted well since living in Mumbai and I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast.


    David went a slightly safer route with the Masala Omelette – served with chicken nuggets, herb potato wedges creamed corn and leek in tomato, an unusual combination but very tasty and quite the ample portion.


    We also enjoyed a cup of Assam tea, served with a bag of cookies, a feast for 5.30am and on such a short flight.



    Tasty western breakfast option.

    Airline Review: Jet Airways – The Entertainment/Amenities Kit/Extras


    No sign of any entertainment systems onboard this flight but once you boarded and ate it was time to land so you didn’t really miss anything. No amenities kit was distributed.


    Airline Review: Jet Airways – The Service


    The service was extremely efficient and friendly. Our 12-seat section only had 6 guests and only 4 dined so I don’t think our cabin crew were put under too much pressure. All flight announcements onboard were made in Hindi then English and were fairly clear. Rather surprising, and just a tad old fashioned, Jet Airways still insists on all electronics being turned off for take off and landing including Kindles and phones, even if on non transmitting mode.


    Airline Review: Jet Airways – The Verdict


    We found the Jet Airways experience on this flight very efficient and had everything we needed to make this an enjoyable flight experience. I would be interested to sample their service on a longer flight to see how it compares to our usual carriers.


    Have you flown with Jet? What are your thoughts on the service offered?

    Jet Airways Pinterest image

    Happy Flying

    Airline Review: Jet Airways

      • Carol Colborn says:

        Yes, a longer flight would give you the real experience on and verdict for Jet Airways. But the fWe love Indian food.

        • Sue says:

          Im trying to be a little more adventurous with food as living in India has given me the opportunity to try some amazing dishes I had never heard of before.

      • I flew with them last year and also had good memories!
        I’m just not really impressed by food, I guess, everyone has its own taste 😉

        • Sue says:

          I was so impressed that even on such a short flight they offered quite a comprehensive menu. Ive become a bit more of a foodie of late so Im always keen to try out different options.

      • Looks like a great flight option should I get to your area of the world. Sadly, most American airline companies don’t offer anything like this service, premier or not.

        • Sue says:

          I used to fly with United all the time when I lived in the US but since moving to India that hasn’t been an option so its been interesting trying out a number roof different airlines.

      • I honestly haven’t read to many airline reviews. Great overview. Food looks wonderful. Don’t find that much anymore!

      • Dave Briggs says:

        It’s always nice to fly business class every now and again. Overall though, did you think it was worth the extra expense for this short flight?

      • Mar says:

        Interesting. I guess you would expect domestic short haul flights to be a bit like Europe (or Silk Air for that matter) with not much of a Business Class feel. It is marginally better than economy but probably not worth the extra money. I tend to splash on business for very long flights where it can make a difference between an awful journey and a pleasant one. But if you can afford then this is a good way to fly!

        • Sue says:

          Good points, and until I lived in India one that I would have agreed with. However, having been squashed in a middle seat in economy on a domestic Indian flight I vowed that if I could I would fly business in the future. I also take the view that the journey is the start of my vacation. Interestingly, sometimes the delta between the cost is not that great if you are a frequent flyer and utilize point upgrades etc.

      • Jenna says:

        Wow–can’t believe the food they offered! Looks much better than a lot of airplane food I’ve seen! I have never heard of Jet Airways, but they look like a great option! Thanks for sharing–nice to know incase we book a flight with them sometime!

        • Sue says:

          It amazes me that an airline would offer such an elaborate meal for such a short flight, but Im not complaining as it was delicious

      • Monica says:

        I’m surprised to see so much food for such a short flight. Western style breakfast looks better hut I would probably prefer to taste Indian one, just out of curiosity.

      • Rosemary says:

        What a nice experience. The food sounds amazing, although quite a bit for an early morning flight. It sound delicious though. Never flow Jet and look forward to experiencing it one of these days.

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