Monday Munchies: Being Social in Mumbai just got easier with a new restaurant opening.


    I visited the restaurant Social, located behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba, a few months back with some girlfriends and enjoyed a relaxed lunch after some sightseeing. I recently noticed signage at the entrance to the Palladium Mall advertising the opening of a new Social restaurant and decided to give it another try, this time with David. We both had a very pleasant surprise.


    View from our table in the corner


    Social: The Background


    The ethos behind the restaurant Social seems to suggest that this is far more than just a place to eat.


    “What if you could trade in your cubicle for a super cool café? How much more fun would it be to show up if your boardroom had a bar attached? Source: Social Website


    The huge entrance door looked more like part of the wall to us


    Social: The Location


    This is the third Mumbai location for Social, with a fourth now in the works for the Khar area. The Social in the Palladium takes over the space previously occupied by the Manchester United restaurant, next to Foodhalls on the third level. We found the restaurant somewhat confusing to enter when we first approached. We found its location easily enough, and could look through the windows at all the customers, but could see no sign of a door? The large ‘wall’ is actually a door that you push to enter – I wonder if we were the only ones to find this confusing? (and we had not had a drink yet)


    ‘Toilet roll’ style napkins and ‘newspaper’ style menus


    Social: The Service


    We visited on a Sunday brunch time and the restaurant was hopping. A great atmosphere greeted us as we opened the door and we wondered if we would be able to find a seat. Initially we were offered two seats on one of the long tables in the center of the room, but thankfully we spotted a free high table in the corner. Not an ideal location as it was right by the kitchen and beer room (more of that little gem to come) so quite busy, but a great people-watching place so I was happy! We sat down and took in our surroundings. We dodged a bullet with the long table though as it turned out that most of the people already sitting there were from one group who were celebrating a birthday and that involved lots of signing and picture taking.


    After sitting at the table for a few minutes without a sevrer stopping by, we noticed that the menus were already on the tables; rolled up in a bucket (reminded us of Joes Crab Shack in the US). The menu is quite wide-ranging so we took our time to read through. However, after about 15 minutes of still no sign of  help we called over a waiter who took our drinks order at least.


    There are so many people working at this venue. We watched the numerous barmen constantly making drinks for servers to deliver to customers. There were waiters that took orders (on ipad/tablets no less), separate waiters that seem to deliver the food, and bus boys cleanings tables constantly, all with slightly different uniforms. Busy, but somewhat chaotic and disorganized we thought. Maybe they don’t assign set servers to cover tables, as we constantly had to grab someone’s attention.


    The ‘hidden gem’


    Specimen jar? No its a pitcher of delicious craft beer


    Social: The Drinks


    If we had not been seated at the table we selected I’m not sure we would have noticed what looked like an in-house brewery, as it is tucked away behind the bar. Maybe the constant stream of people going to look might have nudged our curiosity. Looking at the Social website, there is no mention of it either – is this a secret? I found an online review that talked about the Craft Beer Tasting Room where you can read more.


    David ordered a pitcher of the Halcyon beer for us to try. Our timing wasn’t ideal as just after we placed our order they had to change the keg, which meant a 10-minute delay and our food arrived before we had a chance to enjoy a sip. The ‘pitcher’ and ‘glasses’ made us giggle though, and the beer clearly hit the spot as we enjoyed a second pitcher over our lunch.

    You know you just have to try it when its called Death Sauce!


    Social: The Food


    After finally deciding what we wanted from the menu, we discovered a separate menu with a larger burger selection, and quickly changed our minds. I was still in breakfast mode and spotted a breakfast burger, scrambled egg with truffle oil and chicken sausage in a brioche bun with French fries for Rps 340. Not the easiest to eat, as the egg kind of falls all over the place. Our waiter brought us a set of sauces for our burgers and of course we had to try the death sauce – not as hot as we anticipated. The sauce gave my egg a little flavor but once I added salt and pepper the taste improved dramatically. Portion sizes aren’t huge here, but I think great value for money, especially considering this new location next to all the high end shops.


    Breakfast burger


    Juicy cheeseburger and fries

    David selected the Cheeseburger and fries, also for Rps 340 and thoroughly enjoyed the juicy meat that was served piping hot. As with many restaurants in Mumbai, our food arrived at separate times so we have learned to share our selections now rather that wait for both plates to arrive. Not sure why the kitchens cannot seem to get their ordering system to work?


    The food presentation is quite different and eye catching. We noticed various stacked sandwiches pass our table that looked fun. Various drinks and our dessert are served in a glass ‘bathtub’ Clearly a lot of thought has been put into the foods appearance,I think that’s a nice touch. We asked our waiter about the significance of the bathrub, expecting some elaborate story, but sadly it seems there is none. I think they should make one up, don’t you?


    We survived the Chocolate Blood Bath but passed on the ice cream sundae


    Feeling extremely relaxed (two pitchers of craft beer will help with that) we decided to order dessert, a rarity for us. I think our waiter was a little shocked with our selection, but we assured him we would be sharing a little of each, and were not planning on eating the entire dish. We could not resist the sound of The Chocolate Blood Bath – chocolate cake, brownies, truffle, fudge, ice cream, mousse and sauce all for Rps 170. Yummy is all I can say, and we did managed to devour the entire bathtub full between the two of us.


    David heard the waiter say they did an ice cream sundae and got all excited but sadly it turned out to be an Indian version, full of sweet things that he took one bite of and decided it was not for him. Luckily the pricing here is extremely good and lucky for David I was happy to share my chocolate feast with him.


    Social: The Verdict


    Social offers a great variety of different foods, and an extensive drinks menu, at a very reasonable price. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and customers are not hurried in anyway to vacate their seats, far from it. This would be a fun venue for a group outing with friends or a place to catch your breath after a days shopping at the mall.




    The Fact Sheet

    Address: Level 3, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013

    Phone: 022651 14459

    Hours: 10am-1am (according to Zomato as not on Social website)

    Website: (although surprisingly lacking in information)


    Palladium Social Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Happy Dining



      • Rob says:

        Looks like a fun place to eat, the craft beer sounded delicious. I was surprised that you went for burgers and fries in Mumbai!

        • Sue says:

          Living in Mumbai for the last 2+ years we have enjoyed a great variety of food, but sometimes we just feel the need for a burger (not beef of course, as that is banned)

      • Toccara says:

        Sounds like it being a newer restaurant, they’re still working out the kinks. Hopefully the servers will get into a groove and provide outstanding service as time goes on. Though, until then, an extensive drink menu always helps! 🙂

        • Sue says:

          Good point, although I think certain aspects about service are the norm here in Mumbai and I have a tendency to put my european judgement hat on a little too much.

      • Meg Jerrard says:

        Totally would have confused the door for a wall also! Though sounds like it was an pretty great experience overall despite a few delays. Interesting to know that food in Mumbai comes out at different times. Assuming that’s perhaps a cultural thing about eating while it’s hot?

        • Sue says:

          Yes Meg, my take on food to table delivery is that al la carte eating is a relatively new idea as many Indian restaurants and meals are served more family style when it doesn’t matter if the dishes come to the table at different times.

      • That looks so Social, pun intended. Haven’t had the munchies for a while.

      • Dariece says:

        This place sounds and looks amazing! I didn’t see anything like it when we were in Mumbai, what a great addition to the city. Looks like a hip spot for young people, business people and a place that tourists would also like.

        Thanks for sharing!

        • Sue says:

          Mumbai offers the foodie a wealth of options, Im trying my best to work my way through as many as I can during my time in the Maximum City.

      • This looks fun. I was only in Mumbai once, and I didn’t check out many great restaurants but I did find an ex-A-lister movie star to take me to Bollywood, or at least the massive studio where we saw a bunch of movies being shot. Oh, that was such a brilliant day.

        • Sue says:

          The Bollywood movie scene is huge, I cannot believe how quickly they churn out movies. I often drive past a movie set that has been set up in the roads around Bandra but sadly Im not too familiar with the stars to know who I should be looking for. I did once do a yoga class with a famous Indian tv actress but I had no idea who she was (which I think she liked as it meant she could relax) the instructor and the receptionist however were a little awe struck.

      • Definitely have to try the death sauce! This place looks great! I look forward to trying it out!

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