Restaurant Review: Afternoon Tea at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

Restaurant Review: Afternoon Tea at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

    Monday Munchies: Transport yourself back in time for a sophisticated afternoon tea in a beautiful setting.


    When researching ‘things to do in Mumbai’ a visit to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is always towards the top of every list. An overnight stay at this iconic hotel is very much recommended, but if you are short for time then get the next best thing with a stop at the Sea Lounge restaurant for Afternoon Tea.

    The happy pianst that played throughout our afternoon tea and the selection of tea on display

    The location is picture-perfect. After spending a few hours sightseeing around the Colaba district taking in the local markets, shops, and the Gateway of India, you will be more than ready to relax in the tranquil setting of the Sea Lounge.


    Tip: If you can, arrive towards the start of afternoon tea at 4pm to nab a table by the window, as you will have an excellent view of the Gateway, and be able to watch the hustle and bustle on the street below.


    Don’t be put off by the high security at the various entrances to the hotel, a relic from the terrorist attacks in 2008, and found throughout Mumbai now.


    Tip: If you do get to stay overnight at the hotel then take advantage of the hotels private tour that is only offered to residents. A guide will walk you around the hotel explaining its rich history, details about the differing architectural styles, and pointing out elements that the average visitor will not notice.


    The entrance to the restaurant is quite impressive. From the main hotel entry, walk towards the old wing of the hotel, along the corridor lined with pictures of the famous people who have visited this hotel, and then climb the grand staircase to the large glass doorway on the first floor. As the door opens you are greeted by the sound of the pianist, the sight of elegant table settings, and the aromas of the delicious food that you are about to sample.




    The restaurant offers an al la carte menu or a fixed price afternoon tea, the later being what I have enjoyed on the few occasions I have dined at the Sea Lounge. The waiters are well used to entertaining visitors to Mumbai and will gladly talk you through the various food options. Personally I like to enjoy a glass or two of bubbly when I visit but the extensive tea menu is also worth sampling.


    To begin with our waiter brought us a three-tired plate rack filled with various finger sandwiches, savory pastries, and a top layer that included very British looking scones and jam. Our initial food selection had been made after the waiter established if there were any vegetarians in our group. We were also strongly advised to visit the buffet area and fill our plates with all the goodies on offer. As if this wasn’t enough food, our waiter then brought us a selection of ‘street-food’ that he assured us was delicious but also healthy (I think he meant it wouldn’t give us Delhi belly, not that the fried food was heart healthy).


    Tip: Make sure you go with a hearty appetite; you will need it to really do this experience justice, as there are just so many delicious options to sample.




    The service at the Taj is really first class. During out visit for afternoon tea at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai we were given time to relax and enjoy our tea, but also strongly encouraged to enjoy repeated trips to the buffet. We were given assistance with selecting what to eat, and made to feel like honored guests at a grand establishment. The Sea Lounge is the perfect place to unwind after a days sightseeing, or for those of us that call Mumbai home, an ideal spot to visit and be treated like a princess.


    The Fact Sheet

    Address: Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai 400, 001

    Location: First Floor, Palace Wing

    Hours: 4pm-7pm for Afternoon Tea


    Sea Lounge - The Taj Mahal Palace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Happy Dining




      • Jen Joslin says:

        Well this post couldn’t have come at a better time. We will be in Mumbai next week! The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is so iconic, but pricey! This might be a happy medium to experience its elegance. Great idea!

        • Sue says:

          I hope you have a fantastic trip. Now is a great time the year to visit Mumbai as the weather is not so sticky. So much to do in this Maximum City. Enjoy

      • Claudia says:

        Tea! I would love to have that at the Taj Mahal Hotel. I have read so much about it that I may well pay a visit to Bombay just for that!

      • Anda says:

        This hotel looks quite luxurious: a pianist for entertainment, all kind of delicacies… Great! I’ve never visited India, but I would really love to see the real Taj Mahal.

        • Sue says:

          The Taj group of hotels are very luxurious and the staff do try their best to give their clients great service. I still have the Taj Mahal on my list and Ive been living here for over 2 years now 🙂

      • Looks so fancy!!! (and therefore expensive!) The food does look awesome and I am sure the service is impeccable, but I also just loved getting my own Chai Teas for an “afternoon tea” while in India (but we are also super cheap! lol) but sometimes it is fun to splurge once in awhile

        • Sue says:

          An indian girlfriend was shocked at the price for a pani puri “street food” – about 10 times the price she could get on the street, but it’s the whole experience you are paying for really. If you don’t mind a little splurge once in a while, then this is a great treat.

      • What a beautiful setting for tea! Love the creative little treats as well. Thanks for the tip on getting there early enough for a window seat, and view of the Gateway.

      • Great review! Couldn’t have said it any better! I loved visiting the Taj Mahal Hotel when I visited Mumbai, but it’s been awhile. I didn’t know about the tour though. Thanks for the great trips!

      • Wow! That looks incredible and definitely more than just an afternoon tea – look at all the food! Your tip about going with a big appetite looks like a good one! Would love to experience this as well as the hotel tour to learn about the architecture and history!

        • Sue says:

          I agree, afternoon tea doesn’t really do it justice as every time I have gone I needed to be almost rolled out after eating so much.

      • WOW – this looks well prepared and tasty! I can totally imagine it’s better to come with a good appetite, such as waste if you couldn’t at least try a bit of it all…

        • Sue says:

          I agree Antoinette, the waiters do strongly encourage you to try as many different dishes as you can and seem to really enjoy educating their diners on the various options.

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