Happy New Year to you all. January is the perfect time to renew and refresh our mind, body, and spirit and I plan to do just that. Like many others at this time of the year I thought I should begin by documenting my goals for 2016 and publishing them on my blog to hold me more accountable. This list will also help focus my thoughts and act as the perfect reminder throughout the year for me to refer back to should I start to stray.


    Goals for 2015


    Goals for 2016 – Mind


    Blogging has been a huge learning curve during 2015. There is so much more to this medium than I ever imagined. I have so enjoyed where this journey has taken me over the last few months since launching No Fixed Abode For Sue and I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes me during 2016. Specific goals are to grow my social media accounts, discover new places to visit and restaurants to excite my palate so that I will have plenty of material to share.


    Reading – In 2014 I read over 40 books but 2015 saw that number dwindle to single digits. This year I will set the modest goal of 1 book a month with the hope that I can get back into a better groove. I enjoy reading a variety of genres and can find inspiration from a number of sources but the specific goal will be to ensure that my Kindle sees a lot more action this year than last.


    Organization –While I am already a big fan of organization, this year I really want to embrace this ethos in all aspects of my life. I recognize that discovering better ways to schedule my time, plan my routine, and streamline my actions will improve productivity and ultimately lead to better results. I will start by filling out my new Erin Condren planner and by setting up my editorial calendar for No Fixed Abode For Sue.


    healthy = happy copy


    Goals for 2016 – Body


    Food – I was going to type diet but that word has such negative connotations. While I recognize that I need to drop the excess weight I have accumulated over the last two years, it is more important that I get my body on a more stable nutritional regime. Sadly there are no quick fixes out there so instead I plan to educate myself more and find healthy and nutritionally balanced recipes for me to try out.


    Exercise – as with my diet, my exercise regime has been badly impacted by distraction and lethargy. Building exercise into my daily routine must become more of a priority for me, as there will always be something else I could do instead. Forming healthy habits takes time so I must stay positive and build on each step, regardless of how tiny they might be.


    Health – glossing over the fact that I am getting older, I recognize that my hectic lifestyle puts quite the strain on my body. This year I plan to get regular check ups and generally be mindful of my health so that I make better decisions in all aspects of my lifestyle.


    Goals for 2016


    Goals for 2016 – Spirit


    Family – spending time with my daughters and husband makes me happy and lightens my spirit. Carving out time to create lasting memories will be a big part of 2016. Learning to sit back and unwind rather than over schedule must be a goal for me as just being around the people I love is the perfect tonic.


    Anger Management – I need to lighten my mood and remember that the cup can always be half full rather than hall empty. My stressful lifestyle can often negatively impact my patience levels so staying mindful of this issue must be more of a priority for me. My Instagram account is a perfect tonic for me to remember all the amazing things I do with my time and relieve the stresses of living an expat life.


    Relax – far easier said than done when the mind doesn’t want to switch off. Plus I feel guilty if I’m ‘wasting’ time rather than being productive. Perhaps that last statement is counter productive as just taking the time to ‘smell the roses’ might actually be more beneficial in the long run.


    Well I must admit that just documenting my thoughts during this process has been quite cathartic. Have you done something similar? What are your priorities for 2016? Perhaps sharing your goals for 2016 will help you stay accountable and give you a better chance of achieving your objectives.


    I raise a toast to a healthy and happy 2016 (probably a smoothie rather than my normal glass of bubbly – see I’m starting to alter my naughty habits).

    Goals for 2016

      • Lovely way to organize your goals. I like the different sections. Seems like that will help them become a clear reality. Have a wonderful year!

      • Happy new year to you. I wish I was organised enough to work out some sensible resolutions. I hope you have a wonderful 2016

        • Sue says:

          Thanks Fiona, I think its good to have a guide map to work with, hence my resolutions post. Best of luck for your 2016 travels.

      • Mags says:

        Excellent goals. I hope that you are better at sticking to resolutions than I am. Happy New Year!

        • Sue says:

          Hi Mags, Im probably not, but am trying to optimistic that it will be different this year 🙂 Happy New Year to you and best of luck for 2016, wherever your travels take you.

      • Happy New Year to you too. I need to start seeing things more optimistic this year too. I am an expat myself and tend to live in a different country every year or two. Last year I lived in a country that was very difficult to live in for me. It let me feel low constantly, so I am adamant to change that in 2016 and perhaps move somewhere different.

        • Sue says:

          Hi Tammy, Being an expat certainly has its advantages but the lows can also be pretty bad and hard for some to understand that have not experienced it, I hear you. I lean on my other expat friends when times are tough, as they understand what you are going through, but Im going to make a concerted effort and attempt to see the positives. Jan 4 and its already been a challenge 🙂 Best of luck with your 2016

      • Beautifully written post. I wish you all the luck on your 2016 goals and feel you will do great! I am determined to become more organized, spend more time on my health, and to get things done now rather than waiting until another day.

        • Sue says:

          Thanks Melody, trying to be organized always seems to work best in January but Im hoping to keep it going throughout the year Happy New Year to you and all the best

      • Meg Jerrard says:

        All the best in 2016 – I need to publish my own set of goals too – totally agree that publishing resolutions makes you more accountable to achieving them! I love that you have your goals very specifically set out into body, mind and spirit. Have never thought about doing it this way before, so going to start it for 2016!

      • Sounds like all good goals! Mind and Body is top of the list over here. Good luck!

        • Sue says:

          Its probably quite a familiar trend for this time of the year but I always think if you document something you have more of a chance of following through. Good luck for your 2016

      • Tam Gamble says:

        I love that you have taken some time out to really think about what you want to achieve in 2016 – and not just from a blogging perspective. We often spend so much time transfixed on the time we spend on the internet that it is refreshing to read that people are thinking about their health as well.

        • Sue says:

          Thanks Tam, I think this post was borne out of the fact that I have probably been too obsessed with online activities 🙂 Now lets hope I can stick to these resolutions. Happy New Year to you.

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