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    I know that Bucket Lists are all the rage, but every time I think about creating one I find the idea just too daunting. My Travel Bucket List would go on and on and on ….. So to find some kind of a compromise I thought I would narrow my list down to 5 ideas for travel that I could realistically achieve during 2016. Looking at my likely travel schedule for the next 12 months means I will be crossing the globe a few times so, with the help of some knowledgeable travel bloggers, I have zoned in on the following locations.


    Photo Credit: The Travel Hack

    Travel Wish List 2016 – Where in India?


    It has been over 2 years since I first moved to India and I am a little ashamed to say that I have done very little travel within this eclectic country. Thankfully my trip to Udaipur in November was a big success (as in David actually enjoyed the touristy experience) so I think we are going to be bold and book something for spring of 2016. If I had to leave India tomorrow, the one place that I would regret not visiting would be the Taj Mahal – and that’s the one place that everyone asks me if I have visited.


    There are a few issues that have been rather putting me off booking this trip. 1. It’s not the easiest place to get to from Mumbai. You need to fly into Delhi then ride a car or train for 3-4 hours to reach Agra, get up before dawn to line up to walk around a place that will take only 2 hours tops, then reverse the journey. 2. It will be crazy busy 3. It will be very hot 4. Agra is said to be one of the dirtiest and odorous places to visit.


    On the plus side, pretty much everyone that visits the Taj Mahal reports that it is a magical, almost life-changing place, that even given all the difficulties above they would do again in a heartbeat. Monica from The Travel Hack put together a very useful blog post with her top tips when visiting the Taj Mahal that I will be using as my inspiration.


    Travel Wish List for 2016
    Photo Credit: Nomadic Matt


    Travel Wish List 2016 – Where in Europe?


    I think my love for travel, or rather my deeper pockets to be able to afford travel, began when I moved to live in the US. Consequently I feel I have neglected to travel around Europe, opting instead to visit other parts of the globe. I would like to correct this imbalance and was recently inspired by the Facebook posts of one of my daughter’s friends. During her one semester in London, this student managed to visit a great number of European cities, taste a host of different cuisines and local tipples, and enjoyed soaking up the diverse cultures that each city presented.


    There are a number of European cities that are a short plane ride, or even a train journey now with the Euro tunnel that I am almost spoilt for choice. My top contenders are Prague, Vienna, and Dubrovnik. NomadicMatt has a great post with a four day itinerary for a visit to Prague. Michelle is an American living in Vienna and has a very informative blog about this lovely city on her blog American In Vienna.Chasing the Donkey is a blog written by an Australian family living in Croatia so their blog is full of interesting information (check it out especially if you like Game of Thrones).


    Travel Wish List for 2016


    Travel Wish List 2016 – A new state to visit in the US?


    When I first moved to the US I was quite shocked at the relatively low percentage of Americans who owned a passport. After a few years of traveling around the States I began to understand why a little more. Everything you could ever want – beaches, mountains, remote locations, bustling city centers – are all available without the need for inoculations.


    From 1999 to 2002 we managed to visit quite a few neighboring States to our Texas homebase. Now having 2 of our daughters in north eastern states means that we get to visit a few more but there are still about 20 states on our list to complete a visit to all 50. While researching the southern states I discovered this great blog called This is my South which has a wealth of information including the Carolinas that happen to be high on my must visit list.


    Travel Wish List for 2016


    Travel Wish List 2016 – Somewhere not too far from home?


    Now this is a slightly harder category but looking at where my 3 home bases are helps me narrow down geographical locations. When I am in Mumbai then Dubai is a relatively short flight and somewhere that I could easily get a taster of over a long weekend maybe. Clarisse over at The Tummy Train had an interesting article on Dubai that included a video of the local attractions. Being a foodie at heart Clarisse highlighted the amazing variety of spices that she discovered in the souks.


    When I’m in the US then Cuba is right on my doorstep and since changes to visa restrictions and thawing of US Cuban relations it is now friendly for Americans to visit. I’m keen to go to this country soon as I’m sure it will change quite considerably over the next few years as they embrace tourism and the almighty American dollar. Nick and Dariece over at Goats on the Road had a fun trip to Cuba last year and have kindly updated their travel blog with news updates that included how they purchased their tourist visa.


    When I am in the UK then Europe is obviously on my doorstep giving me a huge selection to pick from but even closer to home is Ireland, where I have yet to visit. The Australian family who blog at Travel with Blender gave a very comprehensive report of their 12-day road trip around the island. Familiar names such as Limerick, Cork, and Dublin were all included on the tour but also places that you might not find on the regular tourist routes such as the Rock of Dunamaise.


    Travel Wish List for 2016


    Travel Wish List 2016 – Somewhere a little more adventurous?


    The last two years of travel have not been that kind to my fitness regime (something that I need to change this year). Whenever David and I start talking about possible vacation locations then there are a couple of more adventurous options that keep coming up. Head of our list is Peru, and hiking Manchu Pichu in particular. Having just seen the Facebook posts of a girlfriend who did this recently, and knowing how fit she is, the idea of visiting this location scares me just a little. I found a great post by the folks over at Wanderlust Magazine who have a very detailed article explaining the do’s and don’ts of visiting the area so perhaps with this knowledge I would be able to make the most of the trip.


    As you can see from the above, I have an adventurous potential list of travel destinations planned for 2016. What’s on your travel bucket list for this year? Please share your thoughts and ideas and keep checking back on my blog to see my progress.


    Happy Travels

    Travel Wish List for 2016

      • Amélie says:

        Great list! Scandinavia is high on my travel wish list for 2016!

      • gosh with three bases, the world really is your oyster. And yes, as a londoner through and through, travel to Europe from here is really easy. I love croatia too!

        • Sue says:

          I live close by to the city airport so Im hoping to take better advantage of that and explore a little closer to home. Its fun doing the research though

      • I hate the idea of bucket lists too, so your idea is a nice compromise! I would love to visit Cuba as well, especially before it dramatically changes. As for Europe, all your picks are definitely worth a visit, with Prague being my favourite out of these three.

        • Sue says:

          I visited Roatin a few years back just when the cruise lines started visiting this island. I wonder how the huge increase in sudden tourism has impacted this tiny place. Im sure there are many positives alongside a few negatives. I feel Cuba could be the same, but Id like to see for myself.

      • This year is going to be triple awesome for you! May the force be with you. Xx

      • Mar says:

        Love the variety and the way you categorize the places in your bucketlist. For me, 2016 hopefully brings in a few places that have been on the list for a really long time and repeats of great places I have been to many times and just never get old. I started in Namibia and I think it will be really hard to top that one

      • Ah yes, the world is so big, and a year has only 365 days 🙂 Traveling around India sounds lovely, but so does Austria, or some place in the U.S. Looks like you haven’t been to the Northeast yet (or at least have not written about it yet). How come?

        • Sue says:

          I wish I had started my blog years ago as I have travelled to so many great places but now I have an excuse to revisit I guess. I had a great vacation around many of the far north eastern US states during the fall months a few years back and would love to do that again for sure. Where are you headed next?

      • Meg Jerrard says:

        Lots of adventurous potential for 2016! Sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous year. If you’re hitting up Europe, I put in my vote as a definitely for Prague – such a magical city and you’ll love it. And also a vote for Machu Picchu too … we did the train instead of hiking the Inca trail because it was pouring with rain at the time, and we still really enjoyed the trip 🙂

        • Sue says:

          Thats good to know about the train as I had not read about that option. Happy travels to you for 2016, where is next on your list?

      • Mags says:

        You’re going to have a very busy year! I really need to sit down and plan my travels out for 2016. You make me feel lazy!

        • Sue says:

          My travel schedule for the next 6 months is rather crazy, but it has been like this for the last 2 years so Im beginning to get used to it. Good luck with your travels in 2016.

      • Looks like 2016 is going to be the year of nofixedabodefor sue! Good luck and happy travels! I look forward to following along! Loved the Lego guy btw!

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