Monday Munchies: A Culinary Journey of Exploration


    I recently enjoyed a truly fun evening with friends at a newly opened restaurant called Chemistry101 in the Kamala Mills area of Mumbai. I had heard the buzz surrounding this new gastro bar offering molecular gastronomy and was quite intrigued as to what that could possibly mean. With an award winning Welsh chef designing a menu of Indian and European fusion dishes, with a magical array of bubbles, clouds, and aromas it sounded like the perfect place to share a meal with a couple of fellow expats who were also open to new experiences.


    “With the right infusion of flavors and imagination food could, and should, be magical” Chemistry101 Facebook

    The restaurant is set on the ground floor of one of the corporate buildings within the Kamala Mills complex. Nothing fancy to report on the décor, just plenty of dark wood and glass topped tables. Perhaps the lack of theatrics with the décor allows the diners to concentrate on the elaborate feast they are about to enjoy. I noticed a few test tubes and chemistry-like equipment pieces dotted around on shelves, possibly designed to evoke the sentiment of food experimentation. The television on the wall seemed slightly out of place to me, a little distracting, and somewhat unnecessary considering the ‘show’ taking place on the tables. There are two levels to the restaurant, the lower being set out as a traditional restaurant and I’m told that upstairs will be more of a dance/function type space with bar and tapas style menu (upstairs was not open when I visited).


    As the restaurant was newly opened they were not operating a full menu so our servers brought us a steady stream of dishes to sample. Each dish arrived with a fanfare of waiters to serve, to explain the concept of the dish, and to answer our many questions as it was just fascinating trying to work out what was being served. We tried a variety of veg and non veg dishes. I’ve shared a  video on this blog so you can get more of a true feel of our experience.


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    I would describe this restaurant as much more than just a place to enjoy a somewhat unusual meal but as a culinary journey that will make you smile (or laugh and giggle as we did all evening long). Go with an open mind and an inquisitive palate and you will not be disappointed.


    The Fact Sheet


    Address: Times Tower, Kamala Mills, Mumbai

    Phone: 02224967272/ 24969292

    Hours: Daily: Noon to 3pm, 7pm to 1am
    Chemistry 101 - Gastro Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    Happy Dining


      • Carol says:

        It sounds like you had a fabulous time with your friends. I’ve never been to Mumbai but if I ever manage to go, I’ll be sure to check this place out. I bet the food and drinks were amazing. There is nothing quite like international cooking.

        • Sue says:

          Mumbai is a foodie heaven, there is just so much variety and it is constantly changing and evolving. Im going back soon so will be on the lookout for more new places to try.

      • It looks like an interesting restaurant to try. I have not been to India yet, but I would love to. The culture, the food and the sights are just some of the reasons I am wanting to start on a country hopping tour around Asia. I think this restaurant Chemistry 101’s food would be delicious, it being a fusion of Indian and European. Now that is a gastronomic delight!

        • Sue says:

          Its such a fun place to go out with friends, we had a blast. The food was quite tasty although I think you need an open mind to try some of the concoctions. Hope you make it to India some day as it is a fascinating place to visit for sure.

      • Wow! I would love to be able to just sit and enjoy the cuisine at a restaurant in Mumbai. I know the food is tasty and fresh. Sounds so luxurious. I think I would be happy just to be at an exciting place like that. I need to vacation more to discover places like this. So cool!

        • Sue says:

          We thought it was kind of like having dinner but with a show at the same time, so double the value as it was so entertaining. Hope you get to explore Mumbai one day.

      • censie says:

        I have never been to Mumbai but it is certainly on our short list of places we want to visit soon. The best part about international travel is the food experiences. SO GOOD! I love trying new foods and visiting great places. Maybe one day I will get to visit here too!

        • Sue says:

          Mumbai is a great place to visit if you love to sample different foods as there are just so many on offer, quite the foodie city.

      • I hope to someday have the opportunity to expand our travels to include international travel. There are just so many interesting cultures that I’d love to experience. Not going to lie, mostly because of their diverse food! What an interesting and memorable experience!

      • The concept of a restaurant concentrating on ‘molecular gastronomy’ sounds intriguing. That’s very cool to eat at a place where the experience is intensified by a ‘show.’ I had to giggle a bit at the ‘Finding Nimo’ part in the video. When they poured the green liquid into the glass and it steamed up, that was pretty cool. I would love to go to a place like that!

        • Sue says:

          Thaks Yona, we had a real giggle that night as we attempted to be serious when they were telling us all the ‘stories’ behind the food. I think the wine helped with that as well 🙂

      • Echo says:

        I have always been fascinated my molecular gastronomy! I think you are right about the decor. They probably wanted you to focus on the magic of the food transforming rather than the environment that you are in.

        • Sue says:

          That was my first time this type of food, it seems quite popular in Mumbai as a few restaurants have opened. I think you need to have the right attitude going into something like this though as its certainly a little different from regular restaurants. Fun trying it though.

      • I’ve heard Mumbai is for foodies. I have yet to make it there, but boy you are tempting me LOL. I love that you all had a good time and kept an open mind. That’s really what it’s all about!

      • Valerie says:

        First of all, yes I’d love to go. I’ve read lots of articles and seen several shows where people are going there more and more. What a fun treat and the best part of travelling is trying the local cuisine. It’s always fun to see how other people eat and live.

        • Sue says:

          I find Im more adventurous with food the more I travel and get exposed to so many different types of cuisine. Ive had some great, and some not so good, surprises 🙂

      • rika says:

        I just had Indian foods for lunch yesterday! I love meat or vegan dishes. I have never been to Mumbai, sounds pretty fun!

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