A Romantic Packing List

A Romantic Packing List

    Eight packing ideas to make your getaway extra special


    Romantic Packing List

    Candles – Think of the setting – scented candles around a bubble bath – it’s not just for the movies. Travel candles come in convenient tins making it easy to transport and to clean up after use.  But do remember to pack a lighter or matches or this idea is a non-starter.   Yankee Candles make a great selection of miniature candles that would work well for this use.

    Romantic Packing List

    Music Do you have ‘that’ song? Maybe from your wedding? or from a special occasion? You know, the song that triggers memories of happy times. If you are feeling lazy, you can always buy one of the many romantic soundtracks. You can take the music in whatever format works best for you.  Now That’s What I  Call Love Songs  has many of my favorites including Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars




    Romantic Packing List

    Perfume – Who doesn’t want to smell delightful. A great way to amp it up even more, is to layer your fragrances.  Think bubble bath, body oil, or lotions. Of course, Massage Oil is always a great option. Any of the L’Occitane foaming bath products are my favorites. Especially the Shea Butter. Remember that smells can trigger emotions and memories.  So make sure you bring along scents used during happy times – think of all the discussions this could begin.




    Romantic Packing List

    Lingerie – I know this is a little bit of a cliche, but my husband happened to pass by my computer as I was typing this and his reaction let me know that this would be a very good idea! Consider packing something new that your partner has not seen before. Even pajamas can be romantic. Just don’t bring old pjs with holes or mismatched tops and bottoms as you want to feel special as well as look good.




    Romantic Packing List

    Entertainment – How about packing a movie? Alone time, just the two of you. No need to leave the hotel room, just cuddle up and catch up on all those movies you have been meaning to watch. You don’t need to watch a tear-jerker to set the tone. A romantic comedy could be just the answer.





    Romantic Packing List

    A Surprise Gift – It’s not just the females who deserve gifts on romantic getaways. Surprise your man with something fun that shows you care. How about these funky boxer shorts? Other ideas could be a men’s toiletry bag, stormtrooper cufflinks (my husband would love these) or a portable bbq.



    Romantic Packing ListCamera and Tripod – Even though we all use our phones to take photos, consider taking a DSLR and/or pack a tripod. This  ensures that you can capture more than just a close-up selfie. The Joby Gorilla pod compact tripods are ideal as they wrap around any number of objects and are easy to pack. Think of all those romantic moments, like a sunset or sunrise, that you could capture with both of you in front of the lens for a change.




    Romantic Packing List
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    Something Sentimental – To show how much thought you have put into making your getaway really special, take something sentimental. Here are a few ideas. An old photo album of when you first got together for you to look through and remember all the good times. A piece of clothing that means something special to you both. A bottle of wine that has a special meaning. A piece of jewelry that you no longer wear that was a gift.



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      • Joely says:

        I love that you included HIM in this list 🙂 Guys love to feel pampered too!
        I also love the something sentimental idea!
        Good list!
        Now for my romantic getaway! 🙂

      • Cacinda says:

        I am so excited for Valentines day! It has been a few years since we made a big deal about our Valentines date. This year we are doing dinner and a movie and the kids are at grandmas!

      • These are great items to take. Unfortunately, I don’t have someone to go away for a romantic trip, but I’d love these :). Having the surprise gift for your partner is always a fun thing :).

      • Diana says:

        These are some really great tips for planning the perfect couples getaway. I’d love to do something like this soon… and even if I don’t I need to buy my husband those storm trooper cufflinks!

      • Kisa Johnson says:

        Ohhh, I really should look into a tripod for my phone for when I take pictures with it. It’d be much better than trying to hold it super steady. I don’t really go on trips, let along romantic ones. XD So that’s really the best thing on the list for me! <3

      • censie says:

        I am keeping this. Friday we are going to stay in a downtown Denver hotel after my work winter party. I am so ready for a nith away from the kids. It comes at a perfect time for Valentines day too! Love all of these items on your list.

      • Yankee candles are the best!! Also, I love shea butter. I actually just bought a huge tub because I’m planning on making my own essential oil creams.

        • Sue says:

          My home is full of yankee candles as I just love their smell. I stocked up at their recent sale. Let me know how the home made essential cream goes

      • Jennifer says:

        I am in the process of planning my packing list for our 20th anniversary trip in May. I admit, I am not a huge lingerie wearer, but the outfit you have is really cute. Where is that from?

        • Sue says:

          I used a stock photo as it was just for a general idea really but I love shopping at Nordstrom or Victoria Secret for this kind of thing usually. Hope you have a fabulous special trip in May.

      • Valerie says:

        Fun ideas here. I really like the boxers for my hubby. He is a boxer guy don’t know if I can get him to wear ones with hearts though.We need a song we don’t have one and I love the sentimental thing. Great fun.

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