The dogs are famous!

The dogs are famous!

    I’m a proud pet mama this month as my four-legged children are featured in the February edition of the Hedwig Village Living magazine. Get to know my furry friends a little better by reading below.


    Precious Pets: Meet Brinkley and Louis!


    Written by Elizabeth McCabe


    Everyone loves a furry friend and the Oxley family is no exception. David, Sue, Charlotte, Amy, Liz and Rebecca Oxley enjoy the constant companionship of not one, but two dogs, Brinkley and Louis. Brinkley turned 2 in August 2016 and Louis turned 8 in September 2016.

    “Both are just the most devoted dogs. We love how they play together whenever they are together, kind of like brother and sister,” says Sue. Louis is a purebred Yorkshire terrier while Brinkley appears to be a mix between a terrier and perhaps a bit of greyhound with German shepherd markings.

    The dogs are famous

    Are your dogs spoiled?


    These two four-legged friends are spoiled as can be. Both pets got advent presents in the run up to the holidays and had their own Christmas presents to open. They were delighted!


    Their birthdays are celebrated each year. That’s when they quickly devour their doggie birthday cake. Gulp! Both receive special outfits for the holidays and Louis is always sporting a snazzy bowtie as he is a bit of a fashionista. Sue adds, “I would say they are pretty spoiled, but they deserve it.”


    Louis and Brinkley have a calming impact on the Oxley family. “There is something very comforting about sitting and petting an animal,” says Sue. In addition to being comforting, both dogs are great guard dogs too. They are very vocal whenever they hear something unusual.


    Another benefit to having two dogs is that they are great for exercise. Sue says, “Brinkley really enjoys going on long walks and will play for hours in the back yard with a ball or stick so I think she keeps us more active in our attempt to wear her out.”


    How did these two adorable dogs find their way into the Oxley family?


    Sue shares the details. “My middle daughter is a huge animal lover and when she was a freshman in college she missed our family dog so much she decided to get her own (luckily she was moving out of dorms and into an apartment so she could look after a puppy). She found a breeder in Oklahoma and did all the research herself and used her birthday money to purchase her little buddy.


    In 2014 we decided that we missed having a family dog so much we wanted to offer a home to a rescue, preferably an older dog that wasE trained. Our plans didn’t quite work out that way as when we visited CAPS we all fell in love with a tiny puppy. Two days after bringing Brinkley home CAPS contacted us with the terrible news that the rest of Brinkley’s litter had tested positive for Parvo and could we bring her in for a checkup. After only 48 hours we had all fallen in love with this little bundle and so anxiously awaited the results. Thankfully she was clear.” It’s been true love ever since!

    Where did the names come from?


    These two dogs also have meaningful names. Sue explains, “We thought having a small dog like a Yorkie would be ideal to fit into one of those small travel bags and loved the idea of a Louis Vuitton (until we died at the price and didn’t end up getting the bag – just the dog with the name).”


    When it came time to give Brinkley a name, the Oxley family researched for a name from a novel or film. Brinkley is Tom Hanks’ own dog who starred with him in Sleepless in Seattle. How memorable is that!

     The dogs are famous

    How they make us laugh


    Brinkley also causes lots of laughter in the Oxley family. Sue shares, “Because we travel so much Brinkley spends the semester with our daughter Rebecca in her apartment in Chicago but whenever we visit or she gets to come home she is just so happy and excited to see us she has a little bathroom accident. We kind of think this is a huge sign of endearment, although we have learned to only have our reunions outside now.” Occasionally Brinkley occasionally gets a little overexcited when she thinks she spots her owners in the crowds of people in the parks of Chicago too.


    The Oxley family loves their two affectionate dogs, Brinkley and Louis, who make their house a home. Their warmth and playful antics make life happier for all of them.


    Thanks, Oxley family, for sharing your Precious Pets with us!


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