Book Review – Behind Her Eyes a novel by Sarah Pinborough

Book Review – Behind Her Eyes a novel by Sarah Pinborough

    Another thumbs up for the Book of the Month Club selection. Don’t you just a love a book that you can’t put down? Well this page-turner had me up all hours trying to work out what was going on.

    Why I selected this book


    As I mentioned before, the Book of the Month Club gives you five books to select from each month. If you don’t like any of the five then you can opt to skip that month and wait for the following month. I have not found it difficult to pick a book. Quite the opposite, I want to read all the options selected each month!  A small synopsis of each book is given to help you make up your mind. Here’s what caught my eye


    ‘This novel isn’t just a who-dun-it. This novel is a what-the-f*ck-even-got-dun’ By Judge Christina Arreola,

    What’s the book about


    Imagine a love story/thriller but with a twist that you know is coming but can’t wait to work out. David, the poor farmer’s boy turned handsome psychologist is married to Adele the troubled yet beautiful and extremely wealthy wife. After somewhat abruptly moving to London for ‘a fresh start’ David meets Louise in a bar and begins an affair. Louise is quite different from Adele. A single mom struggling to make a new life post-divorce who needs to shed the extra pounds and stop taking solace in booze and cigarettes. As you delve deeper into each character you uncover their hidden weaknesses and their secrets.


    What I loved about the book


    This book reminded me of Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Set in London with everyday relatable characters, the story is told from both Adele and Louise’s perspective. While Louise is easier to warm to, she is still a complex personality with her own demons. It is fairly obvious from the get-go that Adele has issues, but what they are makes the story the page turner as you rush to discover who, what, how, and where. David’s character took a little time to warm to and I vacillated between loathing and pitying as the story unfolded.


    As I got further into the book, so the creepy level elevated that at times made me a little nervous to continue. For me, a good thriller is one that has many twists and turns and yet I’m still left surprised at the outcome. I thought I had this one nailed about halfway through and felt quite smug with myself. However, the ending of this book is certainly worthy of the hashtag given by the publishers #WTFthatending.


    ‘A tenner says you’ll never guess this ending’ – on the cover of UK book edition.

    Behind Her Eyes


    The book is available for purchase in hardback or kindle on Amazon


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