Izakaya WA, Houston, Texas – Restaurant Review

On a recent shopping expedition with my girlfriends in Houston, I noticed a ‘new’ sign advertising a Japanese restaurant close by called Izakaya WA. As it was lunchtime it seemed rude not to stop by for a visit.
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51Fifteen, Saks Fifth Avenue, Houston

Shopping and Cocktails at the Houston Galleria While celebrating my birthday month (why settle for just one day) my girlfriends took me on a day’s outing to the Houston Galleria. After a little shopping and a makeup tutorial at Nordstrom,
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Federal American Grill, Houston

A last-minute lunch date gave me the opportunity to visit a neighborhood I don’t get to explore that often. Driving along Durham Drive in the Rice Military area I’m struck by just how many restaurants there are here.
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The dogs are famous

The dogs are famous!

I'm a proud pet mama this month as my four-legged children are featured in the February edition of the Hedwig Village Living magazine. Get to know my furry friends a little better by reading below. Precious Pets: Meet Brinkley and
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Super Bowl L1 in Houston

On Sunday, February 5th my hometown of Houston will be hosting the Super Bowl L1 at the NRG Stadium. This is the largest watched annual sporting event of the year. Some of the figures associated with this event are just
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Bernadine’s in The Heights, Houston – Restaurant Review

January is my birthday month. I take the view why confine celebrations to just one day when you can have a month of fun. To celebrate with my husband and daughters we looked for a new restaurant that we had
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Oxleys in the news

Oxleys in the News

When a friend contacted me to tell me that a new magazine was going to be published in 2017 and would I like to be involved, the answer was an easy yes. I had a couple of meetings with Nikki,
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What are Kolaches? Let this expat explain

Have you tried a Kolache? If you are from Texas then I'm betting you are shouting 'yes of course'. But I was surprised to learn that outside of a few select towns in the South, many people have never even
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Houston Holiday Home Tour 2016

I am very thankful to be back in Houston for the holidays. After a busy year full of travel I was so looking forward to being in one place for an extended period of time. With the entire family coming
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First drone footage in Houston

I'm sharing the first video of us playing with our latest gadget - the drone. It is far more difficult than you might think. There are also a ton of safety and privacy issues to keep in mind. We are
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